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Everyone Deserves Great Quality

Food storage is a concern that many households face, especially mommies and wives who work tirelessly to make delicious food for their lovely children and husbands. A similar problem that restaurants face when they have to prepare meals and deliver them to the customer, their first priority is to ensure the safety of the food while keeping it warm. This exact problem is what surged us to bring you Disposable Bazar, a pioneer in disposable food containers and other storage accessories for food items in E-commerce, the first of a kind in Pakistan.

Why Choose Us?

Starting with merely three product variants, Disposable Bazar has helped major businesses in Pakistan while still catering to the need. We now have more than seventy-five product variants and taking a step further to give our customers a better buying experience. Hence, we at Disposable Bazar are delighted to present to you our e-store with an aim to provide you with premium quality boxes and containers to ensure the mommies, wives, and chefs do not have to worry about storing the food or missing the timely delivery.
In 2020 when COVID-19 broke across the earth and the world stopped, restaurants were at a task to fulfill the food needs of the majority of individuals, especially those who couldn’t cook. A sudden rise in demand for restaurant deliveries resulted in the need for disposable boxes and containers to safely deliver the food to customers ensuring it’s warm. While someone had to fill the demand gap, Disposable Bazar emerged as an idea to help restaurants across the country conveniently fulfill orders and satisfy the end consumer.
Being associated with the plastic industry for 35+ years, we find high-quality and sustainably manufactured plastic products to ensure complete safety for consumers. Industry experience is what we now celebrate with you by providing premium products at an affordable price range. Our vision is to entail Disposable Bazar as the biggest disposable items online store in Pakistan with the most low-priced and highest-quality products.