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Cup With Lid- 60ml


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Introducing our 60ml Cup With Lid, the perfect solution for your food storage needs. Available in convenient packs of 1, 100, or 2000 (Carton), these cups are designed to be sturdy, leak-proof, and versatile. Made with high-quality materials, they are microwave-safe and suitable for use in the freezer. The secure lid ensures your food stays fresh and prevents leaks or spills. Each 60ml Cup With Lid is thoughtfully packaged for convenience and easy storage. At the end of its life, these cups can be disposed of responsibly. Choose our 60ml Cup with Lid for reliable and convenient food storage.
Sturdy & Strong: Durable construction for everyday use.
Leak Proof: Secure lid prevents spills and leaks.
Microwave Note: Safe for reheating food.
Freezer Note: Suitable for storing food in the freezer.
Packaging: Conveniently packaged for easy storage.
End of Life: Dispose of responsibility for environmental consideration.


1 Pcs, 100 Pcs, 2000 Pcs (Carton)