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Dessert Cup W/O Lid – 150ml


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Explore our range of Dessert Cup W/O Lid – 150ml, designed to add a touch of elegance to your sweet treats. Available in various sizes and configurations, these disposable Dessert Cup W/O Lid – 150ml are perfect for serving desserts at parties, events, or even for everyday indulgence. Crafted with quality materials, these Dessert Cup W/O Lid – 150ml ensure durability and reliability, while their sleek design enhances the presentation of your desserts.
Sturdy & Strong: Durable construction for everyday use.
Leak Proof: Designed to prevent spills and leaks.
Microwave Note: Not recommended for microwave use.
Freezer Note: Perfect for storing food in the freezer.
Packaging: Compact and stackable for easy storage.
End of Life: Recyclable for environmentally friendly disposal.
Enhance your dessert presentation and elevate your dining experience with our Dessert Cup W/O Lid – 150ml. For more information, visit Disposable Bazaar.


1 Pcs, 25 Pcs, 50 Pcs, 100 Pcs, 500 Pcs (Carton)