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Plastic Container Transparent – 2000ml


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Offering indeed the best option for all your food storage needs – the 2000ml Transparent Square Plastic Container. These containers, which are made of premium PP material, are built to endure a long time because they are stackable, leak-proof, freezer safe, and microwave safe. These containers are great for takeout, delivery, and usage at home since they are perfect for holding both hot and cold food. While the transparent shape makes the contents easily visible, the robust and durable plastic frame offers simple transportation of both solid and semi-solid meals.
Additional Information
Sturdy & Strong: Durable construction for reliable use.
Leak Proof: Secure lid prevents spills and leaks.
Microwave Note: Safe for reheating food.
Freezer Note: Keeps food fresh in the freezer.
Packaging: Conveniently packaged for easy stacking.
End of Life: Recyclable for environmentally friendly disposal.
Experience the convenience and versatility of our 2000ml Transparent Square Plastic Container.


1 Pcs, 25 Pcs, 50 Pcs, 100 Pcs, 150 Pcs (Carton)