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Styrofoam Large Meat Tray PP-20


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Our Styrofoam Large Meat Tray PP-20 is the perfect disposable styrofoam tray for both takeaway and delivery needs. This stackable Styrofoam Large Meat Tray PP-20 is microwave-safe and long-lasting, making it ideal for storing both hot and cold foods. Whether you need it for a workshop, home, school, or office, this Styrofoam Large Meat Tray PP-20 is versatile and convenient. Made from sturdy styrene, it ensures the safe transportation of both solid and semi-solid foods.● Sturdy & Strong: Constructed from durable styrene for reliable use.
● Leak Proof: Designed to prevent spills and leaks.
● Microwave Note: Safe for microwave use, perfect for reheating.
● Freezer Note: Suitable for storing food in the freezer.
● Packaging: Conveniently stackable for easy storage and transportation.
● End of Life: Dispose of responsibly to help protect the environment.


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