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Thin Plastic H-6


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The Thin Plastic H-6 container is a versatile, disposable storage solution, perfect for both takeaway and delivery. Made from durable PET material, these containers are freezer safe and stackable, ensuring they are long-lasting and practical for storing condiments. Available in packs of 1, 100, or 2000 pieces (carton), they cater to various needs.

Sturdy & Strong: Constructed from high-quality PET for robustness.
Leak Proof: Designed to prevent leaks and spills, keeping food fresh.
Microwave Note: Not suitable for microwave use.
Freezer Note: Safe for freezing to store food long-term.
Packaging: Available in multiple pack sizes to fit different requirements.
End of Life: Dispose of responsibly to minimize environmental impact.


1 Pcs, 100 Pcs, 1000 Pcs (Carton)