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Dessert Cup With Flat Lid – 150ml


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Explore our range of Dessert Cup With Flat Lid – 150ml, designed to add a touch of elegance to your sweet treats. Available in various sizes and configurations, these disposable cups are perfect for serving desserts at parties, events, or even for everyday indulgence. Crafted with quality materials, these Dessert Cup With Flat Lid – 150ml, ensure durability and reliability, while their sleek design enhances the presentation of your desserts.
Sturdy & Strong: Durable construction for everyday use.
Leak Proof: Designed to prevent spills and leaks.
Microwave Note: Not recommended for microwave use.
Freezer Note: Perfect for storing food in the freezer.
Packaging: Compact and stackable for easy storage.
End of Life: Recyclable for environmentally friendly disposal.
Enhance your dessert presentation and elevate your dining experience with our Dessert Cups. For more information, visit Disposable Bazaar.


1 Pcs, 25 Pcs, 50 Pcs, 100 Pcs, 500 Pcs (Carton)